Iā€™m working on a better me šŸ’›

I’ve been gone from blogging for over a month now, not intentionally, but nonetheless I’ve been absent and I feel as though I have some explaining to do. No, I’m not some giant blogger, but for the people who do take the time out of their day to read my blog, I feel as though I owe it to you to explain where I’ve been. So to start, 2019 has been completely kicking my butt. I’ve been dealing with really bad anxiety, i haven’t been doing the best in school, I had the flu, Now I have bronchitis. So far, it’s been one thing after another. so, I have been working on a better me, for me. As we head into the summer months, I have found a job, which is super exciting. I will be going to Disneyland soon, AND I have completely decided to declutter/change my space into something way less hectic.

So, for the rest of 2019, you can expect a way more consistent blogging schedule, I mean it this time. as well as you guys can expect to see me grow into a much more positive and encouraging person not only for myself but for others, too. I look forward to the growth these next couple of months have in store and I am hoping that the second half of this year is much better than the first!

How I deal with anxiety…

Lately, I have been struggling with anxiety, and as isolating as it may feel sometimes, I know that the world is such a different place now and SO many people struggle with anxiety too. I’m writing this to potentially help somebody and to share with you all how I deal with being anxious.

To begin.. if you are struggling with anxiety, know you are not alone. And there are many different ways to cope with feeling anxious. For me, the first thing I like to do is bring myself back into the mindset of right now. I take big breaths in and out and remind myself that in that particular moment I am okay and that I am way too in my own mind. I sit and breathe and try to redirect my mind of the negative thoughts. Even though this can be hard sometimes, the more you work on it, the easier it will become.

I also really like to try to find something else to focus on. The thing about anxiety is that it is very individualized . It’s all about what makes YOU feel better. For me, I like to read books that are lighthearted, watch YouTube videos, color, watch funny tv shows, and write. In fact, this is why I started my blog in the first place. Writing makes me feel a lot better. And I could potentially help someone else in the process.

Another thing that really helps me is to exercise. I like to start my day off with meditation and yoga, and then if I feel anxious throughout the day, I like to run on the treadmill or do Pilates. this gets my adrenaline going and makes me feel better. Even if you don’t really like exercising , I promise it will make you feel good. Also, hot baths! They are amazing when you’re feeling anxious.

Also, with anxiety, I find that the more time I have to sit and think, the more anxious I am. So I like to be around other people so I am not just sitting around focusing on nothing. if you feel better around other people, then go be around other people. Again, anxiety is a very individualized thing to deal with.

So, if you too struggle with anxiety, I hope this helped to give you some insight into what I deal with and maybe how you can also deal with it too. remember, you are not alone in this, even if you feel like you are, and that the more you learn to work on it, the better it will get with time. Don’t give up! šŸ™‚

20 facts about me!

Hi everyone ! So since I’m still new to this whole blogging thing, I thought I would share with you all some facts about me so that way you guys can truly feel like you know me and like we are just some friends hanging out! please leave a comment of some interesting things about you so I can get to know you better, too!:)

1. I am currently 17 years old, born on November 18,2001. (18 later this year, yay!) šŸ™‚

2. I am only 4’11

3. I LOVE Dr Pepper more than any other drink

4. i love learning and am so inspired by listening to podcasts, trying new things, and volunteering.

5. I was born and raised in Arizona AND I still live here

6. The summer is my favorite season! I love the warm weather, long nights, swimming, bonfires, tanning, and vacations.

7. Chipotle is my FAVORITE.

8. my favorite music artists are Lany, Lauv, Khalid, and Ed Sheeran

9. I love my family sooo much!

10. My favorite tv show is the office and I’ve probably watched it about 8 times over and I still laugh every time

11. i love Jesus, my church, and helping guide others towards God.

12. writing and listening to music are some things i like to do in my free time.

13. When I’m older i think i want to work with kids

14. I LOVE Disneyland !!

15. Some of my pet peeves are when people are full of themselves, when people are suddenly loud for no reason, and sneezing (weird I know)

16. My favorite food is lasagna

17. I would rather eat fruits and vegetables over candy and day

18. There is nothing on this planet I love more than ranch

19. I have two dogs, both yorkies, and they’re my babies.

20. In the future, some small goals of mine are to continue to grow my faith, grow my blog following, and travel more.

Hi everyone, welcome to the blog!

Hi everyone! i finally decided to make my own blog after debating if i should or not for about a year now. i simply just love writing and reading about others lives as well as getting my thoughts out in a creative way. i thought it might be interesting to use my first post as a little get to know me, so to start out, my name is Hayden. i am 17 years old and was born on November 18, 2001. i love jesus, reading, drawing, writing, makeup, listening to music, and watching the office, of course! some of my favorite things are Twix, Dr. pepper, and all things happy. i hope that my blog can be a place of peace and positivity for everybody, and i hope you stick around!